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Audit of staff
employee competency and performance assessment
The company’s success directly depends on 5 factors:
• Professionalism of staff
• Involvement in the working process
• Interest in the personal growth and development of a company in general
• Effective internal communication and teamwork
• Competent and efficient interaction with customers
Based on this list, we can conclude that the phrase “It’s all about the people!” is still relevant.
But even during the stage of selection of staff using standard techniques it can be difficult
to accurately assess the degree of effectiveness of applicants, their professionalism, and it
is impossible to thoroughly examine their character, understand a true meaning of each
line in the resume.

So it is not surprising that in some time you will see that the team does not function like
a single well-oiled machine, there are problems and conflicts in the team.
But the assessment of the effectiveness of employees is often a problem. It is not
always possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an employee using only
internal resources.

Using the service “audit staff” of FBK-Coaching, you can:

• Start a set of measures for the development of each employee;
• Determine the degree of the professional competence of employees
   and their suitability for the job;
• Implement a training system developed by experts;
• Properly conduct staff reductions.

When is it advisable to assess employees?

• In the process of selection of candidates for vacant positions;
• During the probationary period;
• During the working process;
• Before making a decision about teaching \advanced training
   and upon its completion;
• Prior to transfer to another subdivision, promotion;
• While forming the staff reserve.
Today, there are 3 most effective methods of evaluation both an individual employee department and the whole
We can not say for sure, because each of them has certain advantages and the choice of the technique depends on many internal factors.

Assessment center is one of the latest techniques in the field of audit of staff. And it is based on role playing the basic situations in the working process of an employee. But before evaluation, it is necessary to understand what competencies should be assessed. If your company already has a staff competency model, we conduct the assessment, according to this model, if not, we develop it together with top management of the company or the employee’s supervisor.
• Possibility to watch how an employee works;
• A group of trained observers (or an observer) conduct the assessment. This makes it possible to get the most objective results;
• Integration: evaluation of several competencies, a check of knowledge and skills;
• The technique allows to carry out an audit of a department or several departments;
• Multiple assessment methods are used at the same time: case studies, interviews, questionnaires, tests, exercises, etc.
Each employee interacts with colleagues, managers, employees, suppliers or customers during the working day. And all these people start to form a certain opinion about this employee. This particular opinion becomes the object of study in this case.
• More appraisers – more objectivity;
• Possibility to look at all the aspects of the work of an employee;
• You can get very detailed answers of “experts” if you include open questions to the questionnaires.
This is a fairly well-known and effective method suitable for audit staff working in sales and service. An appraiser is a specialist playing the role of customers (clients) by a pre-developed scenario.
• Employees work in a normal mode;
• A worker does not know about the test so a worker behaves naturally, hence, the result will be objective.
How does the employee potential assessment and their professional qualities happen?


During the first stage the objective of the audit is determined. For example, the assessment of the suitability of an employee for the job or the selection of staff for a particular vacancy.


The next step – the development of the audit program. This stage involves the choice of the method, detailed planning of activities and the approval of the plan by the customer.


The third stage – assessment.
Then we examine the materials obtained during the audit and report about the strengths and weaknesses of an employee (s) with recommendations for development.