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Business trainings
the key to the development of important competencies!
The unique combination of business trainings and consulting!
• Successful combination with the general strategy of the company
• Unique training program for each company
• Models of trainings are adapted to the prevailing corporate
   ethics of the company and the existing patterns of interaction of employees
• Structural analysis of the organization and specialized selection
   of the training program
We often hear that the problem of modern education is in its standardization. Universities and courses produce professionals like a conveyor. Surprisingly, but many consulting companies specializing in corporate trainings keep doing the same thing.

But it is clear that there are situations where one person has a certain set of competencies, such as strategic planning, administration, negotiation. And this employee lacks only, for example, time management skills to achieve maximum effectiveness. The other person who does the same work can boast a slightly different “arsenal” of business skills.

What can we, the coaches, do in this case?
Should we teach them using the same technique, the same scenario? Of course, not. That’s why FBK-Coaching chose a different tactic – we combine business trainings and consulting!
1. This means that we select the training program only after analyzing the situation within a particular structure or an entire organization.
2. We create a unique training program, making a special menu that meets the needs of the corporate system and the structure of the organization.
3. Only a manager may decide to make changes or reforms so our trainings never contradict the development strategy of the client company.
So what do we do?
Training programs are aimed at developing specific competencies, which may affect quality indicators of effectiveness of the staff or management of the company.

How are corporate trainings held?
Cooperation with FBK-Coaching begins the moment the client comes. During the conversation and the consultant’s visit to the office, we identify the needs and collect full information about the target group of the training – employees of a particular structure or a head.

There are other ways of assessing skills and competencies of staff, which allows us to clearly identify the features that need to be focused on in a particular case and the training program to improve the efficiency of employees.

Then we analyze the data and after a few days of hard work we send you an individual offer, which contains the description of the training programs for each group of employees. For example, if there is a need to improve the work of sales department, we make a special system of corporate trainings for the “newcomers” and “seniors” considering the indicators of their performance, identified during the pre-training diagnosis.

Business training can be carried out in stages:


The duration of the first stage usually doesn’t exceed 10 days.


The second stage of training begins in 1-1,5 months.
We organize organize business trainings in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities.