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Мы хотим, чтобы покупая отобранные нами книги, вы ощущали, что держите в руках образец настоящего немецкого качества, наслаждались богатством русского слова, и получили пищу для размышлений, открыли для себя источник вдохновения, раскрыли новые грани собственного «Я».

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Price of one copy: 3000 ruble

How to find a common language with colleagues, superiors, employees or relatives? How to move from being able to hear to the ability to listen and understand the interlocutor? How to learn to avoid conflicts and prevent them?
Friedemann Schulz von Thun is a famous German psychologist, a recognized classic of interpersonal communication, who has been carefully studying communication among people for more than 40 years. His first book “Talking with each other” (there are 3 of them) was published in 1981 and became a bestseller in his homeland, in Germany and in several European countries.
Due to the recent events, the works of Schulz von Thun gained special recognition allowing to define communication as a process which links separate parts of the world together. We are sure that the models of communicative psychology (“Devil’s circle”, “Inner team”, “The square of values and development,” Riemann –Thomann Model). will be a valuable tool for psychologists, coaches, moderators and, of course, assistance in understanding everyday life situations for those who would like to understand the “anatomy of communication”. Yours faithfully,Author – Friedemann Schulz von Thun Editor – Eleanor Sandulenko Translator – Natalia Denisenko Editors – Kashirina Irina, Olga Purvyne Illustrator – Elika Dolidze Designer of cover – Jonathan Lindayv

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    We – company FBK-Coaching – decided to found our own business literature publishing-house.
    There are many books for managers, executives and trainers in Russia, but there is almost no well-structured German business literature. Why German? Why haven’t we decided to republish popular bestsellers? Why haven’t we started with almost classic books by British and American authors?
    By publishing the works of the German theoreticians and practitioners, we want to reveal new, previously unknown portals to the world of knowledge. We want you to be able to use the tools of management that have proved its effectiveness for 40 years in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but have still remained unfamiliar to Russian readers.
    We want you to feel that you hold a useful, interesting book carefully selected by us and written in a good Russian language. A book can serve you as a source of inspiration to reveal new facets of your own “I” and / or your organization.
    It is no coincidence that our first published book was the book of German professor Schulz von Thun because it was he who revealed the essence of communication in his work.

    Our goal is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with readers giving them what is important and necessary in our world, which can’t be found anywhere else in any bookstore or online store in Russia. That is why we continue the story about each communication model immediately after the first edition of Schulz von Thun.
    And each next book, published under our auspices, will naturally complement the previous one.
    Read, develop, study, share ideas, learn and teach. After all, knowledge is perhaps the most valuable resource on Earth.